Saturday, September 22, 2012

More 2012 Moments!


So it's the ninth month and I have posted nothing in 2012. We have been extra busy this year. There's been dance recitals, swimming, parties, fundraisers.....yes, fundraisers and lots of paper work! We are finally coming to the end of the paperchase for Sophie's little sister. We are beyond excited! The process has moved a bit slower this time as the homestudy was a little more intense, but we all know the end result is soo worth it. For now here are some pictures of my sweet baby girl who is growing up way too fast!!
                                                                The buding artist.

                                                                        Nags Head, NC

                                                            BBQ Chicken Fundraiser
                                                                   Dance Recital
                                                                   Best of Friends
                                           The newest addition the the Dozier clan! Myles!!
                                                          Papa spoils these babies!
                                                          Dance Class 2012-2013
My little fish!