Monday, July 19, 2010

The Decker Family

We were so excited to find out that the Decker family was vacationing close enough for us to do a day trip this year. I wish I had my camera on me when we drove up into the parking lot and the whole clan was there to greet us. And what a warm welcome it was! It was so nice to finally meet Tannor and Jordan in person. They are two very amazing young men! And Miss Haleigh and Miss Savannah have changed sooooo much in just a couple of years. You see the pictures on the blog, but seeing them right in front of you. It's just amazing. I know Brian and Melinda are very proud of their children. All four are wonderful, well mannered kids that really seem to have their feet on the ground, which honestly, you just don't see alot of now. Anyway, back to our visit. When we got there we all quickly agreed that Micky D's was the first thing we needed to do. I think all the kids were ready to eat. Savannah and Sophie started warming up to each other while trading silly bands back and forth. Silly bands now have a new meaning to me. For some reason every time Savannah passed it back to Sophie. Sophie would just laugh like it was the funniest thing ever. After lunch we hit the play ground. Swinging and sliding, even in the rain the girls had a blast.

Next it was time for some water fun and since mother nature wanted to be hard to get along with that day, we hit the indoor pool. Swimming and splashing, the girls had a blast. Savannah started to get a little "sleepy tired" and it looked like the rain was gonna let up so we headed to the beach to kinda perk Savannah up and hit some waves, but that only lasted a short while as mother nature struck again!

Then it was back to the condo for some indoor play time and spaghetti for dinner! It was so nice and relaxing to sit back and talk while the kids played. We took our niece Taylor with us and she loves kids. (wants to teach) And they love her. I was surprised at how quickly Savannah seemed to take to her. While we were inside Savannah and Sophie caught the huggin' bug. They were so cute. Wish we had gotten more pictures and honestly we tried but they just wouldn't stay still long enough. Savannah also gave Sophie some cute gifts while we were there. One is the BFF shirt you see them wearing in the picture. Another was a bucket and shovel for a little beach time that we weren't able to get in BUT there's always next year! Anyway, this morning Sophie grabbed her bucket, got in the truck, and this is kinda how it went. " Moma, I'm gonna see Vannah, ok." Notice the period, not a question mark. "Not today baby. We have to go to PaPa's today." Then Sophie replays with a "Oh no. There's no Vannah at Papa's." and pointing to her bucket. "We need sand!" Needless to say, one day was just not enough for Miss Sophie!! The time just flew by. I'm looking forward to our next visit! We feel very blessed to be able to keep in touch with some of our travel buddies. There is honestly a bond there like no other. Until next time..........

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Sleep Over!!!

Need some help with that daddy?

Yaaaa!!! Here we go.

Bye Bye Moma!

Monday, July 12, 2010


I guess that's what you call it. We didn't really stay anywhere this year, but we sure were on the go. We went tubing on the Cashie on the 3rd. Sophie and Levi both loved it. That evening we all went to the river center for the Independence Day festivities where Miss Sophie entertained us with her dance moves. The firework display was the bomb, but she still didn't care for them this year. Sunday we had hamburgers and hot dogs by the pool. Monday we cruised to Nags Head. We hit the beach that morning and spent the afternoon shopping. Tuesday we went down to Poppy's on the Chowan River and Wednesday it was back to the Kid's Marble Museum. Shewww... Next year we are going SOMEWHERE!!!! ANYWHERE!!! No really, I had a blast. Just a little worn out from all that addition to receiving a heartbreaking report on Razz that I may post more about later. But until then, let me get some pictures up here.