Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It's a good thing I had the video camera on when she came into the living room. Her face lit up in pure delight. Santa had brought her very own kitchen. The frying pan fries, the pot boils, and the coffee pot peculates. It was total business after the initial reaction. She (re)cooked her sausage balls, had egg nog in her cup, bacon in the plate. This was suppose to be a pretend thing, daddy puts REAL food in there and precedes to tell mommy, "it's Christmas and she's suppose to make messes." So messes she made and mommy just cleaned it up:) There were still presents under the tree and she could care less. Around 10 we got her dress and took her outside to see what daddy had been working on so much. Oh yeah. THaT was a major hit as well. From walking inside the little house to sliding down her slide and doing the happy dance! It was a thrill to watch her every emotion. She totally crashed that afternoon, but we had so much company that day she only got an hour in and was NOT in a very good mood for our evening festivities...BUT it is WONDERFUL being a mother. THat is the best CHristMas present ever! I'll have to post more later on our Gatlinburg Adventure! I have always wanted to spend CHristmas in the mountains. IT was SOOO much fun.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What A TRIP!!!

Adventure from start to finish. We pulled out of Murray's parking lot on a Friday evening at 6:00 only to start what was to be one of the most unforgetable road trips ever!! We knew it was gonna snow. We knew we'd start seeing it in just a couple of hours, but I was not prepared for the intenisty of what I was going to witness...CaRS, CarS, and more CARS on the side of the road!!!! We made it as far as Statesville that night. Stayed with some family up there. ( THank God for Family)
Got up the next morning to start on the road again. There were cars, SUV's, Tractor trailer trucks abandoned everywhere. Evidentally I am heart healthy...cause if I was gonna have a heartattack anytime soon it would have been then! Snow, ice, curvey roads....DETOUR!!! Now I knew about the rock slide on 40 ,but with all the ice and snow the park way was closed too. WOW what a detour.....HOURS later we arrived at our cabin.
Let me tell ya bout this cabin. See I took my time, booked the perfect cabin for our little family getaway. I even though about the chance of snow there and everything. Well, two days before our trip they had a maintenance issue and I had to quickly pick another cabin from a very short list. To make a long story short, this thing was on the side of the mountain. If you met another car...omg, not good and very twisty and steep. Now let's add snow and ice to it. Tore my nerves all to peices.
Plus poor Levi was so sick. Took him to the doc on our second day up there! So I bet your wondering if we'd do it again.......YEP!!! Home 20 minutes and Chris and I are already talking about it:)
I had a ball! We woke up to more snow the first day there. Had Christmas with Nana and then off that afternoon to the beautiful streets of Gatlinburg. Time flies when you're having fun! The next day we hit the aquarium in the morining. They both seemed to really enjoy it. The afternoons always included a nap and afterwards that day we were off to the Dixie Stampede Christmas Show. How I wish I could have taken pictures in there. The expressions on Sophie's face was priceless. She was soooo intriged! Totally worth it. Our last day there, we did some shopping, Santa Land, amuzement park, and back to Gatlinburg to see the lights at night! Needless to day it was a packed day, but I loved it!
The ride home went much smoother and you know how it is when you've been gone a little while.....there's no place like home!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Birthday Bash!

Sophie was a jewel....Shared her cake with Levi...Loved the bounce house...Just an overall awesome party!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I know I've said it over and over, but it's so true...time flies by. She's already two. How did that happen. She tells me what she wants, she picks out her shoes and coat for the day, she prefers tea, loves brocolli, likes to scribble, says "I love you.", and knows what it means. She is smart as a whip, picks up on things very easily, likes to turn the lights on and off, picks her toys up, puts her coat in her room when we get home in the afternoon. She's the best little helper, smiles all the time. Lord THANK YOU. She is simply amazing.....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Decking the Halls!

Sophie helping Daddy with the lights.....

William was up til 1:00am putting up lights! There was lots of coffee consumed.

See the deer up in the trees. Good thing we had a bunch of teenagers this weekend. They did stop and help William get them up there. (the rest of the time they were possum kicking)

Let's end this post with a picture of my favorite girl!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Pictures

The Pumpkin Banana Pie and Pumpkin Tart! The Pie turned out really well. William did an excellent job on the meringue! The tart, lots of holiday flavor, but i don't think I'll be doing that one again.

Sophie, Levi, and Grandaddy with their bellies full!

Sophie pushes way faster than the battery will take him. And I think they both like faster.

Sophie was mesmerized by the tree. Carefully checking out all the different ornaments. Even the ones tucked deep into the tree.

Finally finished the tree this evening.....It's 9:30 and William's on his second pot of coffee, still in the yard putting up lights....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving and Grandmothers

It's our second Thanksgiving with our daughter. A year has already gone by. This one a little different from the last. She's more aware of "something" going on. Today was wonderful. I loved that Sophie was so into the cooking scene. From the candied yams to the chocolate chess pie. And after her first bite of pie she looks at me and says..."ummmm, goooood." I loved watching my mom cook in the kitchen when I was small. It all just brings back lots of memories.
I have so much to be thankful much. Man, I wish my grandmother was still here. She and Sophie would enjoy each other so much. She taught me so many things coming up, always into etiquette, kept up with the latest fashions, made sure I used correct English. She would cringe at some of the stuff I've picked up over the past few years. She was a caregiver...a very good one. She took joy in taking care of her family. ALL her family. She loved the holidays and made them seem like a Christmas Movie. Table nicely set, delicious food, dressed to the "T". I miss her very much. I am so grateful for the influence she had over my life. Without her, I'm really not sure who I'd be today. She was a very strong women. One that I am very proud to call MY Imogene!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sophie's love for her razzies (dogs) is alot stronger than I had realized. Our Razz loves my little Sophie. Chloe could care less and Sampson is still not very comfortable around her...probably related to the fact that I just am a little weary of the last two myself so they are not around her like Razz. They are older and not really used to children. Sophie of course loves them all. Last week Chloe did have yet another surgery on her toe. We got her there early, waited for the techs to come from the back to get her. Chloe was under foot as I was holding Sophie in my arms. Everyone was of course talking about how cute baby girl was and then it happened. Sophie had every one of those girls tearing up and the tech keep apologizing as he took Chloe to the back....Sophie had a total melt down...where were they going with her razzie!!! So after a few moments she gain composier and she was all smiles again.(Chloe is home and needs our prayers as her toe is not healing very well)
Sunday night Sophie got her jammas on and cuddled on the couch with moma for some Wizard of Oz. She was mesmerized! Really into it. Then came the part were the mean old lady was taking Toto away from Dorothy and Dorothy was sooo upset. WELL, so was Sophie she turned to me crying and put her face in my chest. William and I were amazed. I got her to turn and see the part where Toto jumps out of the basket and runs back to Dorothy. That made her feel alot better....and of course I let her watch the munchkins but after that it was time for bed. (That wicked old witch gave me nightmares when I was small.) Anyway, the girl LOVES her razzies.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

Love MY Weekend!

This weekend went by waaaayy too fast. Saturday was incredible. Last year we took Sophie with see Santa. This year we went by ourselves. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I Love Christmas. Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, cooking in the kitchen, family and friends, decorating to the "T". (William hates Bing btw, but he puts up with it for me.) I love it ALL. And now to have Sophie with us, it's just completes us. There's so much I want to teach her. I want her to know where the "Christmas spirit" is found. Not under a tree or in a stocking, but in family and friends. Jesus Christ is the one and only reason for the season. And without Him, what are we celebrating? And with Him....oh the joy that is found. I'm sooo looking forward to our trip this year. Hoping to make lots of memories. I'm sure we will.....
Back to Saturday, after finishing our Christmas List, we had a nice dinner and then went to see The Christmas Carol in 3D. I was sooo disappointed. However, since we had not been to the Theater since we were DATING, the experience was AweSOMe!!! I'm ready to go back to see like an action movie of something. It was so cool. Plus being in the back of the cinema with my dear husband did bring back some memories...maybe we'll get a chance to go again before another decade passes.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

China Adopt Talk

Check out all the beautiful babies at China Adopt Talk. Thing One and Thing Two are way cute!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Little Fall Fun!

One hand it the pumpkin and it was all over.... Sophie had to have a spoon! Afterwards we cooked her seeds. She really liked that.

Getting ready to go out for the evening.

Last stop before going home to try to wash all that glitter off!

Friday, October 30, 2009

I WON!!!!

How cool...never won anything before. I entered a few giveaways last week and to my surprise I won a $100 gift certificate to Invites BY Jen from the Etsy Wedding Team. She's VERY talented and the invitations are beautiful and personal. I believe we have a few years yet before Little Miss can use it. Know anyone getting married?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Give Aways!!

Lot's of cool giveaways this month!There are a few at And check out Celebrating Everyday Life for their handmade dress giveaway.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Miss Independence

Let me help you with that bowl moma.

Would you like some more tea?

I can do it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Catch Up Post.

Fall is such a busy time of year. There's festivals and fairs to be attended. Pumpkin patches to be visited, and wonderful, glorious cool evenings to enjoy! Our daughter has kept us very busy this fall. (good busy) She helped mommy plant the rye grass this year and get the front porch decorated. She loves being my little helper and even reminds me to tell her thank you after she's handed me something. I'm ready to see what she'll think about getting all that gook out of the pumpkin. She's growing leaps and bounds. WAAAAY to fast! But watching her say a word for the first time, learn a new trick, or just see something that tickles her, man it's an amazing thing. She pretty much grabs your hand now and leads you where she wants, tells me to sit, move, or come on. The "lov u's" are just the best thing ever and I can't get enough of that smile. It really does light up a room. I am just sooo grateful. She's doing great in the toddler bed. That is such a blessing. She cried out twice last night but didn't get up, went right back to sleep. What a big girl she's becoming......(sigh)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Milestone

For the past week Sophie has not been sleeping all night. At first, I thought it was those teeth that were waking her up and it just evolved into some bad sleeping habits. When she woke up, I would give her some Tylenol and put her in the bed with US. She would lay there wide awake tossing and turning. After a couple of hours of that I'd take her back to her room where she would either play in her crib for a while or cry herself to sleep. A few nights ago I decided something had to change, so instead of putting her in the bed with us, I put a mattress on her floor and laid by her crib. This seemed to work alot better. Well, last night after William took her to bed, she started crying. So he decided to leave the door OPEN to her room wondering if maybe that would help. She seemed to have fallen asleep. (this is about 9ish) We were in the living room watching one of those movies that just made you mad. And about 10ish we started hearing a "bump,bump". Real quite like, every couple of minutes. Earlier we heard a "THUMP", but thats normal in my house at night. I mean, usually Razz is getting his bed ready upstairs or big deal. And the bumps, we just tossed that up to Sampson wagging his tail in his sleep. Then all of the sudden I see William JUMP out of his chair like he had seen a ghost....a very small one! Yep, that's right Sophie has now crawled out of the crib! Funny thing is she was standing in the hall with blanky in hand for like ten minutes...when William got up she didn't move..I think knew she was suppose to be in bed but just couldn't figure out how to get back in there! Oh...I LOVE being a parent!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

Qian Jiang Jian!


Celebrating this past week.....

Sophie just loved the circus. The first picture was taken before it started. She was taking it all in, wondering what in the world we were doing. The first act were dogs and that just set the mood for the entire evening..clapping, laughing, jumping, pointing. SHE was a thrill a minute. Can't wait to see her reaction at a "real" circus. This was one of those small traveling ones, but I'd take her again in a heartbeat....we might be seeing one at the fair tomorrow.

The next day she enjoyed making her cake, and later that evening eating it. Thursday we had our last placement visit with Mrs. Susan. Everything went great. I sure wish we had her in the beginning. She just makes you feel at ease r from the time she enters your door. Tomorrow...pending William feeling better, we are hoping to go to the fair in VA. Different kinda fair for me. They've got lawn mower racing, rooster crowing contest, puppet shows, a small circus, bull I could go on and on....sure hope we make it.......

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Conference Room

It's so hard to believe a year has already passed. We have had sooo many "firsts" in this last year, so much to celebrate. But September will always be special to me. For me it was the first time ever on a plane, first time out of the country, first time getting air sick......first time being a mother!
I was so nervous. There were so many "what if's" running through my mind. I mean come on ....after THREE years of waiting for this precious child. It was finally happening. As we were anxiously sitting in that big ol' conference room waiting for that angelic face to peak through the door I can remember thinking do I have everything, bottle, thermos, gifts, envelopes, toy....will she be crying and scared or quite and shut down. You see I had done alot of reading in those looong three years and of course the worse case scenario's stick in your mind. As we are trying to listen to our guide Marie instruct us on how to fix their bottles...her cell phone rings. "Some of the babies are here." Here, really, where! The next thirty minutes felt like hours! I can vividly remember Alyzabeth An coming through the door. The look on her mommy and daddy's face was indescribable joy....I can still see them giving AA that adorable doll. Next a few more start to trickle in, oh wow the emotions in that room were just overwhelming. Finally, there she was! Her group trying to get into the crowded door way, while I was fighting my urge to go grab her. Thank goodness for the awesome families we traveled with, for by that time I was not even thinking about our first moments being captured on tape, I just wanted her in my arms. Then I heard it "Qian Jiang Jian's parents!" Music to my ears. My nervousness faded as this beautifully happy little soul was placed in my arms. Her personality shining through. My heart's ache was finally healed. She completed us! Some of the happiest tears ever were shed in that room that day.
This month as I relic those days over and over. I am so thankful to those wonderful families we traveled with. As we stood there in that conference room with these people we had just met. We made connects that day will last a lifetime. With everyone going through their own little moments, it was still not hard to get a smile or a knock on the door. (that coke was sooo good) I miss you all sooo much. The experience of a lifetime!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Redirecting do I start. I've been seeking the Lord's will. I have to be obedient. Still, so I can hear. Is that my will or yours?
Small, out of a bookshelf full of books, my daughter hands me a book, already turned to the page she wants me to read.....Chapter One page 17... FOR THE PARENTS WHO CHOOSE A CHILD. I began to read, tears filled my eyes. This was not a book about adoption, but yet she hands me this book turned to the only page that addresses it. This is NOT the first of many small things as of late. I would like to have more is this Him or me. It's been almost a year since I held my precious daughter for the first time. She is everything I could have ever asked for. So is He telling me that I have another child out there? Or is it me? I guess time and prayer will answer that question.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend started off....lets just say with alot. Sophie spent Friday evening with her Uncle Vernon, which whom she has totally wrapped. He introduced her to her first battery operated bike...don't have any pictures yet, but she got the hang of it really quick from what I hear. (do we have a future motocross pro on our hands)Then after only 3 hours of sleep, it was time to get up for our yard sale. So I get up at 5am and NO water!!! Our pump burnt up and we have one of those systems where our central heat and air runs off wonder it was so hot in the house that night. Anyway Mr. Termite was there in a flash, he is just awesome! And a new pump and tank is in our future. Back to the yard sale....good turn out, spent more than I made, well worth it. Sophie is sporting just one of our many finds that morning. (thank you Penny!)Got home around 1:00, jumped in the pool for a couple of hours. That evening we attended Brandon's fourth birthday party. Sophie had a ball. Sunday was church in the morning, with a relaxing afternoon. And today....home cleaning, watched Miracle of 34th Street, and just enjoying the day. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009