Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spring Festival

In keeping with some of Sophie's Chinese Heritage we kicked off Chinese New Year with a big dinner, including Chinese dumplings. We put our own little twist on things, like instead of offering our feast to the "kitchen god", we asked Christ to bless our meal and family. We did however, set off fire crackers. Sophie did not enjoy that very much, but I'm guessing as she gets older, she will. We also spent the day at the park. It was nice to get some fresh air and have some quality time.

This has been a very busy month. With both of us having doctor appointments and both of our docs are in Greenville, it seems like we are always going. Then on top of that, you would never imagine with the economy the way that it is that I am having such a hard time hiring a housekeeper. Since Thanksgiving, we have gone through FIVE! It's driving me crazy.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

Oh yeah, I also tried a recipe from Imagine Alyzabeth. It was very very good. They post recipes once a week. Give it a whirl.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Playin' Hookey!

Update: We didn't even see an inch! My brother however, who lives just on the other side of the county, saw 4 to 5!

Ok so I know alot of our Blogger friends will get a kick out of this, but we really don't see it that much! William and I are both home today waiting for this big snow (6 inches) we were suppose to see. It's been snowing light all morning, but there's not that much on the ground. We're hoping this afternoon we will see the ground covered! We took Sophie out for a minute this morning, but that wind is tight. Anyway, I'm enjoying just watching it fall.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Remembering 08'

Wow. Thinking back, what a year. In my mind, I can sum it up with three MAJOR events.
First and foremost, China finally got to my LID date. What a feeling. They were a week late that month. I can remember thinking the 8th would be the day. But Nope! We had to go through another weekend before we saw our precious Sophie's face. Our agency really pulled it off for us and had our travel group in China in 5 weeks. Those five weeks were the shortest part of the whole process. Time flew by as we were making sure everything was in order for the trip. When the day came to leave home, my nerves were shot to say the least. In the back of my mind I kept saying as long as you have the paper work, every thing will be find. ( which is true, but hard to convince yourself as you prepare to go to a foreign country) In just a few days our lives were about to change forever. And man, have they. No one could ever describe the feeling of being a mother. And I thank God for giving me the great honor of being Sophie's. She is perfect in every way.
Secondly would be the Olympics. That was a huge deal in itself, then add the fact that I had been telling everyone that the Olympics would not effect us. My words, "Oh, we'll be there and back way before the Olympics". Anyway, the Olympics being in China was huge on so many different levels. Being the first time in a communist country, in what in our minds was third world and in some ways and areas it still is, this was Her coming out party. China's chance to show the world, that they were a major player. And the end result....well I think that lies in the eyes of the beholder.
Thirdly, would most defiantly be the presidential election. From start to finish, it kept people going. And the outcome...... well, please pray for this country's next president. And Pray that our people will stand up and let there voice be heard.