Saturday, May 30, 2009

Petition widget

This is the same plea I sent out to famliy and friends:

As an adoptive parent this issue concerns me greatly. Some might think, well as long as you don't let her watch it. Well of course I wouldn't let her watch it, but imagine Sophie at 13. A very delicate age. She's staying the night with a friend. Although I would do my best to get to know the girls parents, I can't guarantee they won't have that movie in their DVD collection. Or maybe a group of girls watch it and begin to tease her. I know that it's my job to teach her self esteem and that I can't sheild her from everything, but if signing this petition can save me from one less thing to worry about, then 30 seconds of my time is well worth it. I hope you all will stand with me to support not only adoptive parents, but for all the orphans that are still out there looking for their forever family.

Our Little Water Baby

So far it seems Sophie loves the water. Little pool, big pool, water hose, BUT we took her to the river a couple of weeks ago and that didn't go to well. In her defense, the water was really rough and it was very windy. We'll try that again soon. We haven't gone out on the boat yet, cause well, that's another one of daddy's projects and that's a whole nother post:)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gotta Love this Weather

This is one of my favorite times of the year. When everything is blooming, home improvement projects are coming to life, fresh strawberry plants on the deck, fish are biting, opening the pool,.....need I say more. This is why you haven't heard much out of us lately. William and I took a day to our self, went fishing, caught 128 white perch! Yum, yum. Then we had a family day at the park. We are also making Sophie her on little area in the yard. William has HUGE ideas for that so it's gonna take a while. But we're working on it. Sophie was a big help in the demolition part. With a wedding to attend Saturday and Mother's Day Sunday, this weekend is already full too!