Friday, December 31, 2010

A Late Christmas Present

Forecast ed to arrive late Christmas Day, it wasn't wasn't until early the next morning the white stuff started to arrive. Like a blizzard the wind blew and the snow fell all day long. We got out in it for a while that evening after the flakes had slowed some. Sophie was so happy to wake up from her nap and find Taylor there ready to play in the snow with her. From snow angels to sledding we all had a great time. Charlie, Drake, and Holden stayed that night. We had yummy hot chocolate when we came in and everyone played with the games Santa had brought Sophie for Christmas. Oh it was so much fun.

The next day we ventured out again. Taylor and Ryan came over and of course the four wheeler was at full force again. Sophie and her daddy built a snowman while mommy watched from the warmth of the living room. (already had a nasty cold) I made two batches of snow cream. Neither one made it to the freezer. It was a wonderful end to the Christmas Season.

It's Christmas!!!

WoW! What a wonderful Christmas Season! On Christmas Eve we drove to Grantsboro to see Grandma. Sophie fell asleep on the ride home, which in turn made for a late night.

She was so excited about making cookies for Santa. He probably had a sugar rush when he left our house that night. Over the past couple of months if you asked Sophie what she wanted Santa to bring her she'd quickly respond "Santa's gonna bring my bike!" Welp, he came through. And a pink one at that. Her face that morning was priceless. She tore through presents, but made sure she said thank you after each one. Such manners!

We had visitors through out the day. Sophie was just so excited. Trying to get her to take a nap that day was impossible.

That evening when we loaded up to go to Papa's, which is only 15 minutes away.....she crashed!! So we let her get a little refresher nap in before waking her up for the next round of Christmas. Papa always goes overboard and this year the favorite was definitely the MobiGo.

More of Williamsburg

So on the third morning we were really lazy. Got up later. Went to Ihop. Come back. Got lazier. William and Chris went shopping. Kids took naps. Then we were off to Colonial Williamsburg again. Dinner this evening was an experience all of it's own. It was getting late. I wanted to just go ahead and eat. I could not even tell you the name of this FORMAL, EXPENSIVE, french looking place. CHris's crowd got up and left. We decided to try it. VERY different. Funny thing is, I LOVED it. NO one else did. William order duck and I had the pigeon. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

After that we hit some shops and headed back in. The next morning we packed up and headed to the Outlets Malls. Did just a little shopping, because my cold was getting worse. On the ride home Sophie's famous words, "Mommy, I don't want to go home." "You don't!" I replied. "NO!!I want to go on vacation again!"

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Williamsburg ....Day Two

The second day started with the opening of gifts. Our tradition has been to do it in the morning and normally at the beginning of the vacation so the kids have some new toys to play with. Sophie got lots of dress up clothes from Neenie and Aunt Christy gave her yet another beautiful outfit.

Later that morning we spent some time in the pool. Our little water bugs did not want to get out, but after informimg Sophie that we needed to go get our naps so we could go back to Christmas Town that night, there was no more fussing!

That night was spent mostly riding rides. We ate at the Smoke House and that was good food. Not too expensive either. We also saw Rejoice which was a very nice musical. The kids weren't really into it, but it didn't last that long either. I introduced Sophie to hot chocolate that night. She's now a big fan. Tonight we turned in a little early as Sophie started to get moody that evening. And let's face it. If she's not happy, why bother.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Williamsburg Virgina ......Day One

We spend five days, four nights in Williamsburg this year. The first night we ventured out to the Kmart and picked up the necessaries. Pepsi, chips, milk, puzzle, a Christmas tree!! I used my small one for the nursery this year and we had to have somewhere to put the presents. So we came back. Had some baked spaghetti and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

The next day we headed out to colonial Williamsburg where we to the bus tour and exited at the Museum. The kids had their first Santa encounter there. Sophie was just a bit shy, but soon opened right up to let him know that she wanted a bike for Christmas. Levi was a little weary, but little did we know that this would be his closest encounter with the Clause. At noon we headed back in for a nap, because that night we would have the Fireside Feast with Santa!

As we walked into the park the music from Polar Express playing just made the kid inside you want to jump out. While we waited for Chris and William to take care of the tickets the kids twirled and danced with excitement. When we striaght to Scotland to confirmed our reservations with Santa. My Disclaimer....the food is not that great, BUT the Santa is Awesome!!! And Sophie had no problem walking right across that stage, climbing into his lap and letting him know what she wanted for christmas. It was the cutest thing ever. That evening we rode the train, huge hit!! The carosal, the horses, the swings, the lights were amazing. It was like a winter wonderland. By the end of the evening we were exhasted. As we walked toward the exit of the park we stoped in for the Seasme Street Show. Althought Sophie loved the show, there was no way she was getting close enough for pictures! As we left the park, the parking lot was almost empty and we were still Holly, jollying out of that place.

Recapturing Christmas

It'll probly take me a few days to do this as we've had sooo much packed into the last 10 days.
We kicked it off with our annual seafood feast at Poppy's and Auntie's. Oysters, shrimp, and crablegs.....all you could eat off it. Not to mention all the chocolate covered treats. We had a great time. Sophie and Levi both received gifts. Sophie loved her stand up mic. She preformed Jingel Bells for us. Complete with bowing and a "thank you. Thank you." She was adorable.

Sunday morning we had a glorious worship service. It made my Christmas. I'm so glad we waiting until after church to leave for Williamsburg. The church was beautiful.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


So here's the deal. Anything to do with her hands, painting, coloring, even pushing those cloves into moma pre-poked holes, she just loves it. Tuesday she went home with Neenie for a few hours. They rolled, cut out, and cooked gingerbread cookies. The next day I set her up at her little table and she went to town. For her birthday we got lots of crayola stuff. She should be good for a couple of months:)

And what did we do today......

Sunday, December 12, 2010

She's THREE Ya'll!!

Where did the time go....Where is the time going? My baby is three already!! And what a little hostess she is. Making sure everyone got their hugs and doing introductions as they entered the room! On her face were emotions of pure joy as her dearest loved ones surrounded her. "It's my party" she would say with a huge smile. She is such a sweetheart. This year she has been amazed with just every little thing. The lotus candle gets better every year...for Sophie anyway. It seemed to scare Levi this year! Just a little too much fire for him:) Loved the Oreo ice cream cake. Think there's about three slices left. And she did a great job opening and thanking everyone for her presents. By the end of the evening we were all beat and it took all of fifteen minutes and she was out for the night. The next morning she rolled over looked at me (yes she gets up in the middle of the night and crawls in with us)and said "good morning mommy. Taylor still here?" "Yes darling. She's on the couch sleeping." "Thank you mommy." She melts me. Her voice, that smile, her laugh, it's all pure, genuine Sophie. There's not another one like her.....I am so grateful to her birth mother for choosing life. I can't imagine my life with out her. Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter. I love you with everything in me!!