Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Sweet Sophie

It seems like there's always something to do or somewhere to be. It's almost April and I'm wondering where the first part of the year went. Ironically when we were waiting for our daughter, time seemed to stand still and although the pain of that wait has faded. I still remember thinking "will next month ever get here!" Now that she is home and safe in our arms it feels as if she grows an inch a day! My baby is talking, dressing herself, runs her own bathwater, tells the customers "thank you" as they walk out the door, reminds us to pray before EVERY meal, my baby is growing up. I want soo much to slow time down. To memorize every moment. Every smile, every new discovery. She came home Friday after a visit with Poppy and moma had rearrange her room. When she walked in the room you would have thought it was Christmas morning. "WOW,!" looking around and then another "wow!!!" Then last week I asked her for a kiss. She declined. While I covered my face and acted sad. Sophie responded with her head turned "what's wrong moma? You need blankie." Oh my heart melted. It melts every single day. Everyday her smile warms my soul. She is truly amazing.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another One of those Catching Up Kinda Post

We've been busy with birthdays, painting, trying to get the yard cleaned up. So much to so this time of year. We took Sophie to her cousins 13th birthday party a few weeks ago. Complete with disco lights and a DJ. Shy Sophie.....ooops did I say shy. After all of ten minutes she was right in the middle of the dance floor, talkin' bout "com' on!" She didn't get that from her moma! Needless to say she had a blast and was quite the entertainer. And after going to Levi's party the week before she knew what the birthday cake was all about and was very persistent on getting her piece. And then last weekend was her daddy's birthday. We've just been doing it up the last few weeks:)

Since it looks like I'll be having surgery at the end of the month, I've also made this "what I want done before...." kinda list. I finished painting the bedroom up stairs last week, cleaned out Sophie's closet, raked out the flower beds, moved that crape myrtle, and some other little odds and ends on the list. The main thing I'd like to get done now is fresh mulch in the flower beds. We are praying the physicians can take care of everything by laproscopy, if not I'm looking at six weeks recovery time instead of two. So just in case, I want to get those things done that would drive me crazy otherwise. Not being able to pick Sophie up is gonna be hard enough:(
And of course as requested pictures of my darling daughter.