Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Family Weekend

Last weekend started off with Saturday morning snowball fights and slippery snowy slides. That afternoon we took off to "order" our Chinese New Year feast. Didn't have the time to do it myself this year, but none the less it was delish. So much food. We try a different wine every year. It was not to my liking this year, but then again, I'm just not much on the stuff anyway. Uncle Charlie was in agreement! Sunday it was off to church with some nascar in the afternoon. Sophie so enjoyed hearing mommy and daddy hollering at the TV! She quickly joined in! It was a hoot. As far as Valentines Day, William and I have always celebrated it the same simple way...quality time and reflection. A couple of years before Sophie came home to us we started getting chocolate covered fortune cookies. That is now a new tradition for valentines. Sophie made her daddy a card too!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Jan 2010 Snow

Last weekend we had a nice little snow storm come through. I don't think we've seen that much in about ten years, give or take a few. William pulled the old car hood out. Of course since it hadn't been used in quite some time, it needed a little TLC, but was soon to become Sophie's favorite ride. While he was working on that we played on the plastic sled that Nana bought her when we were in Tennessee. I'd put her on the top of that little hill in our front yard and she would actually go half way across the yard before she stopped! It really amazed me how much she loved the stuff. After about 4 hours of it, I still brought her in the house kicking and screaming. None the less, we had three good days of quality family time. Snowmen, sledding, snowball fights, snow cream, and a smiling baby girl....heaven.