Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It's a good thing I had the video camera on when she came into the living room. Her face lit up in pure delight. Santa had brought her very own kitchen. The frying pan fries, the pot boils, and the coffee pot peculates. It was total business after the initial reaction. She (re)cooked her sausage balls, had egg nog in her cup, bacon in the plate. This was suppose to be a pretend thing, daddy puts REAL food in there and precedes to tell mommy, "it's Christmas and she's suppose to make messes." So messes she made and mommy just cleaned it up:) There were still presents under the tree and she could care less. Around 10 we got her dress and took her outside to see what daddy had been working on so much. Oh yeah. THaT was a major hit as well. From walking inside the little house to sliding down her slide and doing the happy dance! It was a thrill to watch her every emotion. She totally crashed that afternoon, but we had so much company that day she only got an hour in and was NOT in a very good mood for our evening festivities...BUT it is WONDERFUL being a mother. THat is the best CHristMas present ever! I'll have to post more later on our Gatlinburg Adventure! I have always wanted to spend CHristmas in the mountains. IT was SOOO much fun.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What A TRIP!!!

Adventure from start to finish. We pulled out of Murray's parking lot on a Friday evening at 6:00 only to start what was to be one of the most unforgetable road trips ever!! We knew it was gonna snow. We knew we'd start seeing it in just a couple of hours, but I was not prepared for the intenisty of what I was going to witness...CaRS, CarS, and more CARS on the side of the road!!!! We made it as far as Statesville that night. Stayed with some family up there. ( THank God for Family)
Got up the next morning to start on the road again. There were cars, SUV's, Tractor trailer trucks abandoned everywhere. Evidentally I am heart healthy...cause if I was gonna have a heartattack anytime soon it would have been then! Snow, ice, curvey roads....DETOUR!!! Now I knew about the rock slide on 40 ,but with all the ice and snow the park way was closed too. WOW what a detour.....HOURS later we arrived at our cabin.
Let me tell ya bout this cabin. See I took my time, booked the perfect cabin for our little family getaway. I even though about the chance of snow there and everything. Well, two days before our trip they had a maintenance issue and I had to quickly pick another cabin from a very short list. To make a long story short, this thing was on the side of the mountain. If you met another car...omg, not good and very twisty and steep. Now let's add snow and ice to it. Tore my nerves all to peices.
Plus poor Levi was so sick. Took him to the doc on our second day up there! So I bet your wondering if we'd do it again.......YEP!!! Home 20 minutes and Chris and I are already talking about it:)
I had a ball! We woke up to more snow the first day there. Had Christmas with Nana and then off that afternoon to the beautiful streets of Gatlinburg. Time flies when you're having fun! The next day we hit the aquarium in the morining. They both seemed to really enjoy it. The afternoons always included a nap and afterwards that day we were off to the Dixie Stampede Christmas Show. How I wish I could have taken pictures in there. The expressions on Sophie's face was priceless. She was soooo intriged! Totally worth it. Our last day there, we did some shopping, Santa Land, amuzement park, and back to Gatlinburg to see the lights at night! Needless to day it was a packed day, but I loved it!
The ride home went much smoother and you know how it is when you've been gone a little while.....there's no place like home!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Birthday Bash!

Sophie was a jewel....Shared her cake with Levi...Loved the bounce house...Just an overall awesome party!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I know I've said it over and over, but it's so true...time flies by. She's already two. How did that happen. She tells me what she wants, she picks out her shoes and coat for the day, she prefers tea, loves brocolli, likes to scribble, says "I love you.", and knows what it means. She is smart as a whip, picks up on things very easily, likes to turn the lights on and off, picks her toys up, puts her coat in her room when we get home in the afternoon. She's the best little helper, smiles all the time. Lord THANK YOU. She is simply amazing.....