Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Grateful Heart

So the last week has been quite a ride. Coming off of what I think was strep throat, having an upper endoscopy last Thursday, waking up to my Chloe girl with this huge tongue Friday morning, and this past Tuesday we took Sophie to the Duke Eye Center. Man.....I'm ready to get some kind of normal routine in my day! I'm so glad I know my God is in control, I'd be a basket case by know.

The Endoscopy went well, looks like I need to relax a little, change my eating habits some, and take some protonics for a few months and that's that.

Chloe, oh my! Poor girl, her tongue was three times the norm. She had gotten a thorn in the end of the tongue and it became infected. (Imagine us gettin' a splinter in our finger.) Well my vet was out of town and of course I have his number memorized, so I'm trying to find somewhere to take her, her mouth is trembling, Sophie's not happy because her normal morning routine has been interrupted and I go blank. WHAT do you call an animal doctor!?! Seriously, I'm looking in the yellow pages under PHYSICIANS! Finally I call William to give my brain a jump.......DUH. A VETERINARIAN! Well now it's Friday and with my vet gone, the other locals are overbooked. I finally get one to work her in, thinking to myself, she's in pain, but in no way is this life threatening.....wrong! I get a call at 10:30 am telling me the situation described above with an added.."this is very serious, her mouth is rotten!" Followed with a "if her tongue is rotten, she will not be able to eat or drink." My heart dropped. NOT Chloe. She is moma's first. And you can just imagine how the rest of the weekend went. Smiles were hard to come by and food was tolerated. After our visit with her Saturday morning I still found no reassurance in the vet's voice. But Sunday proved to be a new day. My Lord's Day! And Chloe's swelling had gone down significantly and she was drinking on her own! The Lord had answered my prayers and our first baby girl is doing great. She's still on antibiotics and I will take her next week for a check up.

Tuesday ended up being a great day too! We got to the Center an hour early...wanted to make sure we could find it and they were awesome! Sophie did such a good job, only crying when they dilated her eyes and who could blame her. By the end of the day we were ecstatic to hear that Sophie's vision was fine. And what we had been seeing.....she would grow out of. Thank you Lord for hearing our hearts. I love You with all of mine.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Week Overview

I cannot believe this week is already over. Even though we had nothing major planned, it just flew by. Sunday it was raining and cloudy so we just chilled in the house. Monday was cleaning day. Tuesday, in the pool. Wednesday we both had doc. appointments in Greenville. Mine follows up with an endoscopy next Thursday...yuk! And we are waiting for Duke to call us for an appointment to see Sophie. She has one eye that wants to turn in and "they" are having trouble determining if it is just the folds in that eye (very possible) or if something else is going on. Soooooo, we are going to the best of the best to make mommy feel better:) Now let's see... Thursday we went to the aquarium and the beach with Aunt Christy and far my favorite day. Christy is sooo easy going and I just loved watching those two kiddo's! Now today I decided to come back in cause I'll be taking off so much for doc appointments and then on the 20th:) We are just so excited. Sophie and I will be going to Top Sail Beach to spend the day with the Decker's. They are one of the wonderful families that we traveled to China with. Savannah and Sophie were crib mates! I just love summer!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our Fourth of July

We really enjoyed the festivities this year. Last night we when to the River Center and watched the fireworks. They were really good. We were very impressed. Sophie however, did not agree. Maybe next year she'll be more into it. We also got to meet our blogger friend, Allisyn. That was nice. I hope we are able to continue to meet up some outside of the blogging world!
Today we relaxed with friends and family by the pool, grilled some chicken, and shot off some fireworks of our own. Hope everyone had a awesome Fourth of July!